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Jessie Wilson is an independent researcher and published author, specialising in demographic and consumer trends. She has worked in both the private and public sectors, including more than 4 years as an in-house consultant for CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, one of Asia’s leading independent brokerage firms. Some of her other contracts have seen her working with such notable companies as Allianz, L’Oréal, Morgan Stanley and the BBC.

A mathematician by training, Jessie holds an honours degree in applied mathematics and statistics from the University of Dundee, as well as a master’s degree in Asian studies and comparative culture from Sophia University, Tokyo. In 2002, she was awarded a fellowship from the Japanese government to research marital trends in Japan. Prior to this she was based at the National Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Japan, where she undertook research towards a PhD in stochastic modelling.

Jessie has authored numerous reports looking at the challenges countries face from various demographic perspectives. She is also an accomplished presenter, and has spoken at numerous international conferences and events. Her comments and essays have appeared in the Financial Times, The Economist, the BBC, the Washington Post, and the Times, among others.